About us

Our Origin Story

Our Founder and Executive Director, Dr Ali Fardinpour, is a social entrepreneur who has a very strong relationship with the community, clinicians, educators and XR innovators. Through these relationships and discussions, innovative solutions arise for everyday problems they face. These problems come from different aspects of human lives including health, education, and cultural issues. Ali has established XR Avant-Gardes as an enabling platform to find solutions to these problems and deliver them to those in need.

Who we are

XR Avant-Gardes is an innovation enabler company helping innovators to develop their XR solutions in non-entertainment fields including healthcare, education, and culture & humanities.

We provide a range of products, services and programs that directly deliver innovative XR solutions or support other innovators in building their own solutions.

Our Purpose

To equip people to live a life they didn’t dream possible.

Our Vision

A prosperous world built on equal opportunity

Our Mission

Developing XR experiences, working with communities to improve access to better health, education and cultural awareness.

Our Values

Finding a way or building one

We foster and create the space for meaningful interactions. We openly communicate to find the problem we wish to solve.

Creating opportunities

We design innovative products that bridge gaps in equality. We don’t lose sight of our greater impact.

We are unique, but we are one

Our voices work together in harmony. We harness our unique strengths and passions for a common purpose.

Finding the pearl

We uncover the solution, and solve the problem with determination. We collectively celebrate when people find their pearl.